PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD:  An award to recognize individuals who advance the HIM profession.

The Professional Achievement Award honors a MaHIMA member for numerous and long-term contributions to the HIM profession. Nominations can be made here.

Past Award Winners of the Professional Achievement Award

  • 1992 Annalee Collins, MEd, RHIA and Dorothy Wagg, JD, RHIA
  • 1993 Robert Seger, RHIA, CCS
  • 1994 Richard Logan, RHIA
  • 1995 Linda Hyde, RHIA
  • 1996 Cathie Wilde, RHIA
  • 1997 Mary Kay Coyle, RHIA
  • 1998 Clare E. Carvel, RHIA
  • 1999 Patricia B. Murphy, RHIA
  • 2000 Holly A.M. Ballam, RHIA
  • 2001 Barry Libman, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P
  • 2002 Deborah A. Adair, MPH, MS, RHIA
  • 2003 Luisa DiIeso, RHIA, CCS
  • 2004 Nancy Stanton, RHIA
  • 2005 Gerry Abrahamian, RHIT
  • 2007 Deborah A. Adair, MPH, MS, RHIA & Karen Griffin
  • 2008 Joan Usher, RHIA
  • 2009 Christopher Richards, RHIA
  • 2010 Nancy Entwistle, MPA, RHIT, CCS, ACE
  • 2011 Mark Haas
  • 2012 Not awarded
  • 2013 Margaret Donais, RHIT
  • 2014 Joy Rose, RHIA, CCS
  • 2015  Karen Gallagher Grant, RHIA, CHP
  • 2016 Elise Belanger, RHIA & Lisa Fernandes Mello, RHIT, CCS
  • 2017 Scott Eischen, RHIA, CCS
  • 2018 Cheryl Rau, RHIT and Danielle Roy, RHIT,CCS,CPC
  • 2019 Ellen Butler Vaitkunas, RHIA
  • 2020 Not Awarded
  • 2021 Denise Bourgeois, CCS, RHIT


  • Positioning the HIM profession as a leadership force in the healthcare industry
  • Advancing professional practice through development of new theory;  active dissemination of knowledge about cutting-edge practice innovations; or leadership in a specialty
  • Significant original research or authorship, editing, or service on editorial board for journals, books, monographs, and other publications related to HIM
  • Regular presenter at HIM conferences and other educational events
  • Respected instructor in academic HIM programs or developer of groundbreaking teaching strategies
  • Promotion of quality information through quality data
  • Introduction of creative practice innovations through advances in technology, development of more effective quality management measures, or new methods of promoting employee motivation and job satisfaction
  • Employing HIM practice in alternate careers not limited to the healthcare industry

Eligible Candidates

  • MaHIMA member


  • Describe in detail the role and involvement of the individual. Please include an outline of the specific examples, challenges and outcomes.
  • Recognition:  The Professional Achievement Award will be presented at the MaHIMA reception on Sunday, May 21, 2023 from 4pm to 6pm in Plymouth, MA and the winner showcased in MaHIMA Connect. Winner receives complimentary attendance to the reception and a certificate of achievement.