DINTINGUISHED MEMBER AWARD:  An award to recognize MaHIMA leadership our highest honor.

The Distinguished Member Award recognizes a member for their long, exceptional history of contributions to MaHIMA through dedicated volunteer service and association leadership. 

Congratulations to this year's recipient Susan Pepple, President, Libman Education who will be awarded at the MaHIMA Annual Conference on June 17, 2024

Past Distinguished Member Award Winners:

  • 1994 Geraldine Berenholz, MPH, RHIA
  • 1995 Ruth Pucciarelli, RHIA
  • 1996 Linda Peterson, RHIA
  • 1998 Rose Lerner, RHIA
  • 1999 Stephen P. Molloy, RHIA
  • 2000 Sheila A. Callahan, RHIA
  • 2001 Sherry Palo, RHIA
  • 2002 Dorothy Grandolfi Wagg, JD, RHIA
  • 2003 Annalee Collins, MEd, RHIA 
  • 2004 Marilyn Tully, RHIT, CCS
  • 2007 Linda Hyde, RHIA
  • 2008 Not awarded
  • 2009 Robert Seger, MBA, RHIA, CCS
  • 2010 Luisa DiIeso, RHIA, CCS
  • 2011 Donna Casey, RHIA
  • 2012 Not awarded
  • 2013 Jackie Raymond, RHIA
  • 2014 Susan Marre, RHIA
  • 2015 Diana Lindo, MM, RHIT, CCS
  • 2016 Deborah Adair, MPH, MS, RHIA
  • 2017 Joan Usher, RHIA
  • 2018 Walter Houlihan, RHIA, CCS, MBA, FAHIMA
  • 2019 Georgette Wilson, RHIA
  • 2020 Karen Grant, RHIT, CHP
  • 2021 Elyse DiSciullo, RHIA
  • 2022 Linda Mancini, JD, RHIA
  • 2024 Susan Pepple


  • Volunteer service as an officer, director, committee or council chair or member, task force chair or member, special project director
  • Represent MaHIMA and/or the HIM field at governmental hearings.
  • Provide inspiration, guidance, mentoring and opportunities for emerging leaders to participate in MaHIMA’s volunteer structure and to build meaningful leadership experiences.
  • Significant support of key MaHIMA initiatives

Eligible Candidates

  • Active MaHIMA member for a minimum of ten years


  • Describe in detail the role and involvement of the individual. Please include an outline of the specific examples, challenges and outcomes.
  • Recognition The Distinguished Member Award will be presented at the MaHIMA Annual Conference.