MaHIMA Awards Recognize the Best of the Best

Nominate a HIM Professional for an Individual Achievement Award

Award Nomination Due Date
Award Presentation
Member Recognition

(no submission required –
recognizes 25+ years of membership)

HIM Advocacy Award Due October 18, 2024
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Dot Wagg Seminar November 1, 2024
Individual Achievement Awards:
Outstanding New Professional Award
Champion Award
Outstanding Mentor Award
Professional Achievement Award
Distinguished Member Award
Due May 25, 2024
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MaHIMA Annual Conference 2024
HIM Team Excellence Award Due by March 15, 2024
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At facility during HIP week April 18-24, 2024
Student Achievement Award

(no submission required -
winners named by program directors)
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At school during May 2024 TBD


Retired Past Award Program Winners - These awards are no longer given by the association, but we still want to recognize the efforts of these award winners.  Thank you for your continued support in MaHIMA.