OUTSTANDING NEW PROFESSIONAL AWARD:  An award to recognize the newly credentialed.

Awarded in memory of Deborah Heinbuck, the Outstanding New Professional award recognizes and encourages the best of new talent in health information administration or health information technology.  The Outstanding New Professional demonstrates significant potential for future leadership, innovation, creativity, and administrative capacity. Nominations can be made here.

Past Winners of the Outstanding New Professional Award (in memory of Deborah A. Heinbuck  since 1993):

  • 1992 Deborah A. Heinbuck, RHIA
  • 1993 Melinda Lee, RHIT
  • 1994 Mary Radley, RHIA
  • 1995 Louise Corcoran, MBA, RHIT
  • 1996 Louann Swaney, RHIT
  • 1997 Linda M. Young, RHIA
  • 1998 Myly E. Allison, RHIT, CCS-P
  • 1999 Laura Siniscalchi, RHIA, CCS
  • 2000 Luisa M. DiIeso, RHIA, CCS
  • 2001 Georgette Wilson, RHIA
  • 2002 Marsha J. Estabrook, RHIA 
  • 2003 Donna D. MacNeill, RHIA
  • 2004 Alicia Keith, RHIT
  • 2005 Peter Tierney, RHIA
  • 2007 Julie Occhipinti, CCS
  • 2010 Jeanne Fernandes, RHIA and Maxine Bennett, RHIT
  • 2011 Not awarded
  • 2012 Steve Eddington, RHIA
  • 2013 Sherisse Monteiro, RHIT and Jackie Judd, CCS
  • 2014 Laura Caravetta, RHIA and Christopher Rushbrooke, RHIT, CCS
  • 2015 Not awarded
  • 2016 Michelle Cafua, RHIT
  • 2017 Bradley Sadri , RHIT
  • 2018 Ashlee Purcell, RHIT
  • 2019 Not Awarded
  • 2020 Anne Tarantino, RHIT


  • Willingness to change tradition, take risks, think critically, and to lead others in these processes.
  • Exceptional problem-solving ability with the capacity to envision the “big picture” in health information management and to make decisions accordingly.
  • Demonstrates excellence in the management of personnel, finances, or information systems.
  • Demonstrates commitment to the HIM profession through active participation in MaHIMA activities

Eligible Candidates

  • MaHIMA member
  • Received an AHIMA -recognized credential within the last seven years


  • Describe in detail the role and involvement of the individual. Please include an outline of the specific examples, challenges and outcomes.
  • Recognition: 
  • The Outstanding New Professional award will be presented at the MaHIMA Annual Conference and the winner showcased in MaHIMA Connect. Winner receives complimentary attendance to the reception and a certificate of achievement.