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MaHIMA Medicolegal Guide to Health Record Information


Book and USB:  $ 180.00
USB Only:  $130.00

Publication date, 2016

 Our Medico-Legal Guide to Health Record Information provides references to the laws and legal issues pertinent to various Health Care settings.

  • Chapters covering topics such as: Record Content and Retention, Reporting Requirements, Legal Process, Acute Care Records, Mental Health Records, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Records, Long -Term Care Records, Ambulatory Service Records, Community Health, Federal and State Identity Regulations & Statutes, Student Health Records, Workers Compensation, Infant Safe Haven Laws, Adoption Records, Pediatric Records, Advanced Care Directives, Resources, Regulation & Statues, and MaHIMA updates, and more.

  • Guide offered in hardcopy & electronic format (USB)

  • Revision completed December 2016