Engage:  is the AHIMA online community platform.  Engage promises fluid search functionality, more robust community discussions and resources, public forums allowing for wider networking, enhanced user profiles that can connect with LinkedIn accounts, and much more! AHIMA is pleased to present you with a richer, more diverse online experience and to further assist you in reaching your professional goals.

Engage Communities will consist of both new members-only and public communities arranged under several specifically defined healthcare and health information management (HIM) domains. The communities contain strategically aligned content and forums focused on areas of importance to HIM professionals.

These domains include:

  • Coding, Classification, and Reimbursement
  • Confidentiality, Privacy, and Security
  • Consumer Engagement and Personal Health Information
  • Health Informatics
  • Health Information Technologies and Processes
  • Healthcare Leadership and Innovation
  • Information Governance and Standards

We encourage you to join our new HIM Content communities and to share your knowledge and expertise with a public audience. The more HIM professionals do to generate innovative discussions, share resources, and solve problems, the more value we’ll receive from Engage and others in the industry!

Visit Engage now by logging in using either your AHIMA ID or e-mail address. To get started, we encourage you to complete your profile, add a member as a contact, join a community, for example the Massachusetts Community, and post a message! The Help page on the Engage site is a great resource for any questions that may arise.

Log into the Engage. You will need your AHIMA ID and password