This spring, the news that ICD-10 would be delayed sent shock waves through our industry. HIM professionals and other stakeholders across the country have been adjusting to the news that the expected compliance date is October 1, 2015, and making plans accordingly.  Like you, the last thing we want to see is another ICD-10 delay.


We want you know the steps we are taking in support of no further delays of the ICD-10 compliance date.

Oppose S.972, the Cutting Costly Codes Act Contact Your US Senator Today!

Oppose HR 1701, the Cutting Costly Codes Act; This bill would stop ICD-10 implementation
HR 1701/S.972, the Cutting Costly Codes Act(s) which would “kill ICD-10” are still active in the 113th Congress and will be until January 3rd 2015. We must continue to monitor this legislation closely to ensure that the language is not included in any amendments or other bills that are considered in this Congress.

In addition, we are being pro-active for the 114th Congress (which begins in January, 2015). Many times bills are reintroduced- which will likely happen with both the House and Senate versions of the Cutting Costly Codes Act. This is another reason why we must continue to voice a strong opposition to both of these bills now.

Let’s be proactive and make a difference in the future of healthcare!

Support ICD-10 Implementation:  Contact Your Members of Congress

We are developing a plan to launch a multi-level ICD-10 advocacy, outreach, and education campaign for a successful transition to ICD-10 on October 1, 2015. To do this, we’ll be reaching out to:

  • Legislators, to ensure they are well informed regarding the importance of the ICD-10 transition and the impact of a delay
  • Physician and physician practice management organizations and associations, to change negative attitudes and misperceptions regarding ICD-10
  • Local industry stakeholders and media outlets, to dispel myths and misinformation surrounding ICD-10 and to increase recognition of the importance and value of transitioning in 2015

We need your help to launch grassroots ICD-10 activities and will be asking our members to participate . . . from contacting legislators to working with physicians in your facility and community. We’ll be providing you with educational resources and talking points to make the case for ICD-10 implementation in 2015.

Take these next steps!

We need to join together again to ensure that we will be heard and visible over the next 12-18 months.

We are committed to working toward no further delays, and we hope every one of you will join us. Activities will leverage efforts already underway and will continue throughout 2015.