Phiona H. Nangendo

Phiona is a student at Fisher College, graduating in August 2019 with her Associate’s Degree in Health Information Technology.

We asked Phiona how she learned about HIM?

“I needed to make a career change and I felt the healthcare field would be my best choice. However, my passion is not in direct patient care. The only field I knew about in the Health Information Management profession was medical billing and coding which I had a glimpse of through the enormous online job postings. Since I have a strong background in Accounting, I thought billing and coding would be the right direction for my new career. When I started researching the field and working toward my Associate’s Degree, I found that HIM offers so many opportunities. The career map has many pathways and I have great hope to grow within this field more than I ever imagined. With HIM the sky is the limit!”

What aspects of HIM do you find most interesting?  Where do you plan to focus your learning?

“I am just starting my final year, so there is so much I am yet to know. I have realized that the healthcare field is continuously changing and this calls for HIM professionals to engage in continuous training and to be able to improve existing skills to meet the high demands of the profession. I plan to build a firm foundation in coding, continue to grow, and improve my skills as well as acquire new ones.”

What type of job or area of responsibility are you interested in pursuing after you graduate?

“After I obtain my Associate’s degree in HIT, I will prepare for the RHIT exam. There are still so many new skills to acquire, but coding is going to be my starting point and like I mentioned, the sky will always be my limit in this field!”