Crystal Vraibel

Crystal is senior at Fisher College, pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management.  She plans to graduate in March 2018. 

We asked Crystal what drew her to HIM as an area of study and as a future career? 
“I needed to make a career change and have always wanted to go into some aspect of health care. After a lot of research I found the HIM program at Fisher College. I found it to be an up and coming field offering a lot of directions you could go in with it. With electronic medical records becoming the norm, qualified people are needed to fill new jobs that are emerging as a result of the change in the industry. At first I thought HIM was only about billing and coding but I found that it was so much more than that!”

What aspects of HIM do you find most interesting?  
“The aspect of HIM that I find most interesting is that the healthcare industry is ever changing therefore you never stop learning.  Even if you complete your coursework in your undergraduate degree you must continue taking classes and staying up-to-date on industry changes to maintain your certification and stay fresh.” 

Where do you plan to focus your learning?
“I am very interested in electronic medical records and also financial aspects of the healthcare industry.  I think there is a fear of electronic records and the financial aspect of the healthcare industry but a lot of that fear is really just misunderstanding and misinformation. Health information management helps build a bridge between the provider and the insurance company so everyone can be on the same page a little more.”

What type of job are you interested in pursuing after you graduate?’
“Currently I work with a health insurance company in an entry level position and have been job shadowing in various areas within the company related to what I studied in school.  I really like working with medical terminology and I am very analytical. I am thinking about eventually becoming a clinical documentation specialist or work in inpatient coding. Right now I’m just trying to absorb as much knowledge as I can about the different jobs available within the field.”