Pictured:  2021 Distinguished Member Award Winner Elyse DiSciullo, RHIA

Distinguished Member Award:  An award to recognize MaHIMA leadership MaHIMA’s highest honor.

The Distinguished Member Award recognizes a member for their long, exceptional history of contributions to MaHIMA through dedicated volunteer service and association leadership.

Past Distinguished Member Award Winners:

  • 1994 Geraldine Berenholz, MPH, RHIA
  • 1995 Ruth Pucciarelli, RHIA
  • 1996 Linda Peterson, RHIA
  • 1998 Rose Lerner, RHIA
  • 1999 Stephen P. Molloy, RHIA
  • 2000 Sheila A. Callahan, RHIA
  • 2001 Sherry Palo, RHIA
  • 2002 Dorothy Grandolfi Wagg, JD, RHIA
  • 2003 Annalee Collins, MEd, RHIA 
  • 2004 Marilyn Tully, RHIT, CCS
  • 2007 Linda Hyde, RHIA
  • 2008 Not awarded
  • 2009 Robert Seger, MBA, RHIA, CCS
  • 2010 Luisa DiIeso, RHIA, CCS
  • 2011 Donna Casey, RHIA
  • 2012 Not awarded
  • 2013 Jackie Raymond, RHIA
  • 2014 Susan Marre, RHIA
  • 2015 Diana Lindo, MM, RHIT, CCS
  • 2016 Deborah Adair, MPH, MS, RHIA
  • 2017 Joan Usher, RHIA
  • 2018 Walter Houlihan, RHIA, CCS, MBA, FAHIMA
  • 2019 Georgette Wilson, RHIA
  • 2020 Karen Grant, RHIT, CHP
  • 2021 Elyse DiSciullo, RHIA


  • Volunteer service as an officer, director, committee or council chair or member, task force chair or member, special project director, CoP Facilitator
  • Represent MaHIMA and/or the HIM field at governmental hearings.
  • Provide in spiration, guidance, mentoring and opportunities for emerging leaders to participate in MaHIMA’s volunteer structure and to build meaningful leadership experiences.
  • Significant support of key MaHIMA initiatives

Eligible Candidates

  • Active MaHIMA member for a minimum of ten years


  • Describe in detail the role and involvement of the individual. Please include an outline of the specific examples, challenges and outcomes.
  • Recognition The Distinguished Member Award is presented at the Winter Meeting and the winner showcased in MaHIMA Connect. Winner receives meeting registration and a certificate of achievement.