Varda Haliday
As the Associate Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Community Partnerships, and Talent Acquisition, Varda overseas the “experience” of the Boston Medical Center inclusive culture. Varda’s experience spans over many businesses and industries, with her first 15 years being dedicated to Financial Service companies such as John Hancock and SunLife Financial Services. The past 13 years have been dedicated to doing Human Resources work, her passion, which includes the marriage between a candidate and an organization, and inclusiveness in all matters of diversity.
One of Varda’s most cherished successes came with the starting of an inner city staffing agency, employing those with barriers to employment. This was done with the support and assistance of the late Mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino. Varda is also a lover of the arts and currently serves as an Executive Board member for the Menino Art Center in Hyde Park.
Varda is a native Bostonian who was born in the hospital she currently works in. She received her Bachelor’s of Leadership from Northeastern University. She currently resides in Boston with her husband, and has three amazing, successful, adult children.
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