Using Data to Improve Patient Access and Your Bottom Line
By Kevin J. Pawl, MS, FACMPE
Senior Director of Patient Access, Boston Children’s Hospital

At Boston Children’s Hospital we have long been known for the care we provide, world-renown providers, top academic departments and innovative care models. When a patient enters our system, this high level of care is expected. In this very complicated healthcare system we work hard to address patient access issues.

The problems we faced were three-fold:

Ease and availability of appointments;

Were patients being scheduled with the most appropriate clinicians? and;

Did they have a full understanding of their financial responsibilities? 

In order to make improvements in these areas we had to first understand the issues. 

We heard from patients and families that some clinical areas were difficult to contact over the phone, there were long wait times to get an appointment and inadequate information was then provided regarding the appointment, and they were unclear about their copay responsibilities. 

We utilized an enterprise-wide approach to improving patient access while enhancing the bottom line. In order to improve the patient’s overall experience we needed metrics that could be seamlessly communicated and tracked to promote timely quality improvement. In addition internal communication was critical in the change management process.  

Join us for MaHIMA’s Winter Meeting on February 2, 2018 and learn about Boston Children’s Hospital’s process to improve patient access from strategic vision to operational implementation, sharing both quick wins as well as pitfalls to watch out for. Kevin will describe the different processes utilized as well as the business intelligence tools employed.