Jeffrey Gold

After working as an employed physician for 8 years, Dr. Gold began to get increasingly frustrated with the bureaucracy of medicine that resulted in less of his time spent on caring for his patients. In 2014, Dr. Gold began to hear about a movement in the Primary Care world of medicine called Direct Primary Care (DPC). This model of care establishes a direct, contractual relationship with the patient and physician and focuses on true patient-centered care. It also provides a much leaner, lower-overhead business model as a result. DPC allows Dr. Gold to spend unlimited time with his patients; to schedule appointments for patients that fit into the demands of their schedule; to communicate with him via cell phone; e-mail; or text; and to cut out the amount of time spent on paperwork by not contracting with insurance companies. After spending a week visiting a DPC practice in the Mid-west, upon his return Dr. Gold felt passionately about opening his own DPC practice, the first in the state of MA. While it would be a considerable risk, Dr. Gold made the decision to move forward with his dream, and in January, 2015 he opened Gold Direct Care in Marblehead, MA.

In addition to growing his own practice; Dr. Gold has been intimately involved in trying to get Legislation passed in the state of MA that would recognize DPC practices as outside the scope of “insurance regulators”; he has consulted with several other doctors in the state who are interested in opening their own DPC practices due to his success; he was selected to sit on the National Direct Primary Care Coalition Steering Committee that furthers this disruptive movement on the national level; and he continues to work tirelessly to educate people about the benefits of joining a DPC practice.

Please join us at the MaHIMA Winter Meeting where Dr. Gold will address Direct Primary Care – What It Is and What It is Not.