Considering Running for the Board?  Busy People Wanted!

Do you think you are too busy run for office?  Well you know the old saying “give it to a busy person and it gets done.”  Being part of MaHIMA leadership is a rewarding experience.  The value of working with similar minded (and not so similar minded) professionals allow you to grow in your profession by sharing information about advocacy, professional development and educational topics.

If you are too busy – well then it is a no brainer. Consider using your talents to better the association and its members.  Different perspectives help the diversity of the membership.  We need volunteers who work in hospitals, post- acute care and alternate work settings to really represent all members of our group.

Consider starting small – join a committee; then move up to committee chair and once you feel comfortable with the process – run for office!  Personally that is how I became more involved.  Being an elected officer may seem overwhelming but there are many seasoned people on the board that are there to mentor and help.  It was a wonderful experience serving as the President working side by side with my esteemed colleagues and AHIMA. 

Add serving the association to your bucket list!

Joan  L. Usher, BS, RHIA, ACE, past-President MaHIMA,VP of Legislative Affairs; Program Committee Chair; member program, member arrangements committee

MaHIMA Call for Nominations for MaHIMA Board