Varda Haliday   As the Associate Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Community Partnerships, and Talent Acquisition, Varda overseas the “experience” of the Boston Medical Center inclusive culture. Varda’s experience spans over many businesses and industries, with her first 15 years being dedicated to Financial Service companies such as John Hancock and SunLife Financial Services. The past 13 years have been [...]

MaHIMA Call for Board Nominations

MaHIMA Wants You!  Hear first-hand from those who made the leap, and are still glad they did.   "Over the years I served in several capacities on the MaHIMA board. I was a little nervous the first time I ran for office just because it was a new experience but I had the encouragement and support of friends and colleagues to [...]

MaHIMA Call for Board Nominations

Have you considered running for the MaHIMA board?  Hear from those who have: “I benefited from participating in MaHIMA by being able to hear great ideas from highly esteemed HIM colleagues on a wide range of important topics.  It opened my mind to view challenges as “opportunities” while also contributing my perspectives to other MaHIMA volunteers.  Having the privilege of [...]

MaHIMA Call for Board Nominations

Get Ready to Take Your Health Information Career to the Next Level!   Ellen Butler Vaitkunas, RHIA Chair, MaHIMA Nominating Committee The Massachusetts Health Information Management Association (MaHIMA) Nominating Committee needs your input and suggestions for possible candidates to serve on the Board of Directors.  Perhaps you! The rewards and benefits of volunteering for service to MaHIMA are boundless, especially [...]

Do You Consider Yourself to be a Leader?

By Srdjan Perisic Often, the terms leader and manager are used interchangeably. However, there is a notable difference between a leader and a manager. A manager is someone who is responsible for managing processes and ensuring that tasks are completed. A leader is someone who …” READ MORE    Srdjan Perisic is a Professional Coach, Trainer, and Speaker as well as [...]

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