The Massachusetts Health Information Management Association (MaHIMA) supports the provision of high quality medical care in Massachusetts through the effective management of personal health information.

MaHIMA keeps Health Information Management professionals up-to-date on important issues and dynamic changes affecting their workplace and their profession through MaHIMA’s extensive calendar of educational sessions. MaHIMA members find a network of peers throughout the state to ask questions, raise concerns and share best practices. MaHIMA is an effective advocate for changes to Massachusetts laws and administrative rules affecting personal health information.

The Massachusetts Health Information Management Association (MaHIMA) was founded in 1930 to maintain the integrity of professional health information services. MaHIMA is an affiliate of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). MaHIMA’s members coordinate the exchange of information, protect the confidentiality of health information, and provide continuing education for the health care professional.  MaHIMA’s ultimate goal is to improve the quality of healthcare for the citizens of the Commonwealth.  Our complete history can be found here.

The rapid pace of change occurring in the health care system has heightened the need for quality medical information. The intricate nature of health information demands its expert management by trained professionals.  Health information professionals are responsible for processing, analyzing, distributing and protecting the confidentiality of health information. These individuals play central roles in hospital administration of programs for reimbursement, quality improvement, and risk management.  Due to the critical nature of their work, health information professionals must demonstrate competence in areas that intersect with the health care system, including information management, computer science, law, finance, and business management.  Health information professionals are often required to ensure the integrity of data for public health initiatives and research projects. They may also be called upon to educate consumers or other health professionals regarding the appropriate management of medical records. Health information management professionals are particularly sensitive to privacy issues.  Health information professionals may be credentialed as registered health information administrators (RHIA), registered health information technicians (RHIT), certified coding specialists (CCS and CCS-P), health data analysts (CHDA), and healthcare privacy and security specialists (CHPS) who are competent in designing, implementing, and administering comprehensive privacy and security protection programs in all types of healthcare facilities. These credentials are awarded to a candidate upon successful completion of the American Health Information Management Association’s (AHIMA’s) national certification examinations, and are maintained by meeting specific national continuing education requirements. For more information, visit

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