Marianne Garfi, RHIA, CCS-P

Winner of 2018 MaHIMA Champion Award

Marianne Garfi was nominated for the MaHIMA Champion Award by Ellen Butler Vaitkunas, RHIA.  The following was excerpted from the nomination.

Marianne has been an active MaHIMA member for 25 years.  I have had the pleasure of working with Marianne on the Nominating Committee for over four years now but she has been volunteering for MaHIMA for many years.  As a dual certified professional herself, she continues to promote the profession as a member of the Communications Committee for ten years as well as the Chairperson of the Awards Committee. 

For many years now, Marianne has been a familiar face with MaHIMA.  We have seen her at most meetings, read her articles in the newsletter, seen her promoting and providing training on Personal Health Records (MyPHR) but what she does under the radar is also just as impressive.  Marianne is and has been a true Champion of the profession as well as our organization, always quick to volunteer for any project and willing to assist wherever you need her time and/or expertise.   Her commitment is seen in her persistent encouragement of peers to get involved as demonstrated with her outreach work with new members and students.  She gives so much of her time, and always going the extra mile, to help the HIM profession thrive.  

Marianne is a dedicated professional, an enthusiastic and motivated hard worker. As a MaHIMA volunteer, full time medical coding specialist for Department of Labor and adjunct faculty member for Community College of Southern New Hampshire, she continues to dedicate significant time towards the success of the profession via her commitment to MaHIMA.  She has been a valuable resource to the Board as well as MaHIMA with her enthusiasm and unwavering dedication.

Additional Testimonials:

“I have worked with Marianne over the past three years.  Her intelligence and dedication to MaHIMA and the field of Health Information is without a doubt of the highest caliber. Her energy and willingness to take work on is an admired strength and valuable to our profession as well as MaHIMA. She is able to voice her opinions in a way that demonstrates her professionalism; this is why she should be acknowledged as a champion.”

Karen Gallagher Grant, RHIA, CHP


“Gosh, I wish I could recall how long ago, but I was on the MaHIMA Board at the time.  I believe it was when I was on the Communications Committee.  I was invited to attend training in Chicago for the AHIMA My PHR Campaign to become the MaHIMA Trainer.    Upon my return, I began holding training sessions for our MaHIMA members.  Marianne attended one of those sessions and took off running with the program.  She went on to present at local and community events.  Her delivery was very down to earth and genuine, making her audiences feel at ease.   Eventually, Marianne became the MaHIMA liaison and kept the program going until AHIMA revamped and eventually ended the program. 

I can’t recall a time in my involvement with MaHIMA that Marianne was not serving in some capacity as a volunteer.  She has been an ever-present resource for MaHIMA.  Marianne has demonstrated leadership in a variety of settings, as well as working tirelessly behind the scenes, providing logistical support to MaHIMA.  She is a welcoming presence at events and continually reached out to potential volunteers.  Marianne exemplifies the qualities of a Champion Award Winner.” 

Georgette Wilson, RHIA